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Making the Most of Driftwood, Shells & Wall Hangings

Making the Most of Driftwood, Shells & Wall Hangings -


Coastal decor is all the rage right now, and for good reason! There's something about the laid-back vibe and breezy aesthetic that just makes us feel relaxed and happy. If you're looking to give your home a coastal makeover, one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to do it is by incorporating driftwood, shells, and wall hangings into your décor.


Driftwood can be used to create beautiful pieces of furniture, like this driftwood coffee table. Shells can be used to create decorative accents, like these gorgeous seashell wall hangings. And wall hangings are a great way to add a touch of coastal flair without going too crazy.


So what are you waiting for? Start browsing the beachy decor section at your favourite home store and get inspired!

Driftwood as a Decor Element

Driftwood is an essential element in modern coastal decor. With its natural texture and soothing earth tones, driftwood has the unique ability to bring the beach ambiance indoors. You can use driftwood as a wall accent, a coffee table centrepiece, or even incorporate it into a rustic DIY shelving unit.


No matter how you choose to display your driftwood, the key is to find pieces that speak to you and make sure they have plenty of personality. Look for pieces with interesting shapes and textures, as those are sure to make an impact in your home. When displaying your driftwood, pair it with similarly organic elements like shells or wall hangings for an effortless yet chic look.

Shells and Crystals for Home Accents

One way to bring a bit of the ocean into your home is with shells and crystals. Consider decorating with shells and crystals, like starfish, sea urchins, and sea glass, to create a luxurious beachy vibe. You can use these accents in various ways - try filling vintage vases or scattering on a mantelpiece or bookshelf. You could also hang a string of them near the window or put in a vignette with other beach-inspired decor. For some added sparkle, try adding small clusters of crystal clusters or glass beads along coast for an extra touch of opulence.

Wall Hangings to Bring It All Together

Wall hangings are the perfect way to bring your modern coastal decor together. From driftwood wall art to shell and seaweed framed mirrors, these pieces add an extra touch of flair to your look.


You could even opt for a hanging that’s a representation of the ocean itself. Choose from wall hangings featuring prints of white sand beaches, vivid blue waves crashing against the shore, or sunsets over the sea.


No matter which style you choose, make sure it ties into your overall theme and color palette. You don’t want any one element to stand out too much and distract from the rest of your décor. With wall hangings, you can easily complete the look and turn your space into a modern coastal paradise!

Styling With Mixed Textures

Now let's talk about styling with mixed textures. Mixing textural elements from nature is one of the biggest trends in modern coastal decor. By combining different textures — like wood, metal, and seashells — you can create a unique look that feels both cozy and modern.


Try layering driftwood pieces and natural fibers like jute rugs or macramé wall hangings. You can also incorporate sand colours into your decor with driftwood pieces and wall hangings with sandy hues. Shells are also a great way to bring in some extra texture; try displaying shells in glass jars or opt for a large-scale shell mirror as a statement piece. And don't forget to add some greenery with succulent planters made from reclaimed wood or driftwood baskets!

Utilizing Natural Lighting in Your Space

One of the best ways to make the most of driftwood, shells, and wall hangings in your modern coastal decor is to use natural lighting. Natural lighting can really bring out the textured elements of your decor, such as the weathered wood or shimmering shells. Consider adding large windows or skylights that allow plenty of light into your home and create a sense of airiness. You can also opt for sheer curtains or shades that allow natural light to filter into the space while still providing you with privacy.


Be sure to avoid harsh artificial lights which can make your space feel dull and uninviting. Instead, look for warm and inviting lamps that will cast a golden glow throughout your home. The result will be a bright and cheerful ambiance perfect for any coastal-inspired space.

Colour Theory: How to Find the Perfect Palette

Creating the perfect coastal decor in your home involves more than just the elements you use. Colour theory is key to tying together all of the different decorative pieces and creating a cohesive, beautiful look. Choosing the right colours will help you achieve balance, while also creating visual interest and drama.


When selecting colours, start by choosing a neutral colour as your base. This could be shades of white or cream, tan or light grey. Then, choose a few colours that complement each other and add visual interest. Think sea blue for watery hues and sandy beige for earthy tones. You can then use accent colours like coral and seafoam green to create contrast and add depth to your room.


Finally, choose one bold colour to draw attention to certain pieces. To make sure that everything flows together, pick an intensity of colour that is consistent across all of your decor elements. With this colour palette in hand, you are now ready to begin designing and crafting the perfect coastal-style home!

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